Bereavement Doula

Doula Support Through Baby Loss

"There is no footprint too small that cannot leave an imprint in this world"

Author unknown

Hearing the words that explain to you that your baby has died, or has a fatal diagnosis that means they will die before, during, or shortly after birth, is devastating.

Although people are becoming more aware that Doula's exist, and what the role entails, fewer people know that many Doula's also support mothers and families through baby loss at any stage in their pregnancy.


Those that have had Doula support often describe it as 'vital' or 'invaluable' and wish that more people knew about the support they had received.

How this support is provided is highly individualised, and invariably influenced by the stage of pregnancy. For miscarriages, it may mean attending doctors appointments or scans to confirm the miscarriage, and being present or available in some other way (phone, text, skype) for emotional support. For compassionate inductions and/or still births it many include birth preparation, being present through labour and birth, helping the family to create mementos of their baby's life, and providing practical and emotional support to parents and their families as they grieve.


Tiny baby holding adult thumb