Birth Doula

Free Consultation 

In the first instance it is good to have a chat on the phone to arrange a meeting face to face in your own home, to see how we get along. This crucial first meeting will give us both a 'feel' for how we will work together as a birth team. I want you to be 110% sure that I am the Doula for you before you book  with me.

Phone & Email Support 

Unlimited communication via phone, text or emails from time of booking until your baby is 6 weeks old. 24/7 phone support from week 38* of your pregnancy until you have had your baby.

*or earlier if you are expecting twins or have a history of early onset of labour

2 Antenatal Visits 

I will visit you at home at least twice before your baby is born. Sessions are approximately 2 hours long, but can be longer or shorter as required. I'm led by you, not the clock.

How these sessions take shape will largely depend on what you need from them. I like to keep things very flexible, so that we can focus on what you need to know, rather than following a prescriptive format.

Typically it may include exploring things like:


  • Your birth preparations

  • Birth physiology

  • Informed decision making

  • Advocacy

  • Your birth wishes/birth plan

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Your birth place and how to make it work for you

  • Infant feeding.

  • Preparing for the 4th trimester.

You may have lots of questions about your pregnancy, care and birth, especially as your pregnancy progresses, and these sessions will give us lots of time to explore these, as well as building rapport and a connection of trust between us.

Birth Pool

A La Bassine birthing pool is available to home births clients on request. (Includes pump to inflate/deflate, and a pump to empty pool)

On Call

24 hour on call period from week 38 of your pregnancy until you have had your baby. On-call can start earlier if you are expecting twins or have a history of early onset of labour.

During labour

Being present at labour and birth from the moment you decide that you want me with you. I will remain with you after the birth until you are settled and have given the first feed to your baby.

woman in labour holding hands with doula

Baby’s first feeding Support 

I have personal breast-feeding experience and have supported many new Mum's and their babies in the early days post-partum.

Prefer to bottle-feed? I can provide up to-date information and support on safe feeding of infant formula.

Postnatal follow-up visits

I will come to see you at least twice after your baby is born. The first is usually within a couple of days after birth. The second a week or so later.

If you would like on going support I offer a fully personalised postnatal doula package which you can read more about here.

Information & Signposting

Whether you're looking for more information to support decisions about your care, pregnancy chiropractors, acupuncturists, placenta encapsulation consultants, lactation consultants, breastfeeding support groups, tounge-tie consultants... Whatever it is you need, if I don't know who to put you in touch with straight away, I can find out quickly. I benefit from having the support of a rich network of local trusted colleagues who are only ever a call or message away.

Personalised support

It is important to me that the support you receive from me is meaningful to you and specific to your needs. If there is something you would like that is not covered above and you're not sure if it's part of my services, please ask me.

"I have no doubt that the outcome was far better with Kat, in terms of both pain relief and mode of delivery that it would have been without. A friend or relative could not have provided such knowledgeable support.
I chose Kat as I trusted her and felt comfortable to talk to her openly about my concerns [...] I felt confident in her ability to advocate for me" LC


£700 - £350 payable to secure booking. Remaining balance of £350 payable at start of on-call period

(includes mileage within the areas listed here)