Postnatal Doula

Free Consultation 

In the first instance it is good to have a chat on the phone to arrange a meeting face to face in your own home. This is a great opportunity for me to be introduced to older children you may have, extended family and even the family pets. I will be supporting you in your own home so this first meeting is vital for seeing how we all get along.

Mothering the Mother

However you birthed your baby, birth and early motherhood can be exhausting and emotional. During this time of transition, I can provide a reassuring, friendly face, and ensure that you have everything you need so that you can rest, recover, and enjoy getting to know your new baby.

Feeding Support

Although we are told that breastfeeding is the "most natural thing in the world" (and it's true, some women do breastfeed with ease) the truth of it is, it can be tricky in the early days after birth, even for women who have breastfed previously. No two babies are the same, and it can take time and practice for both Mum and baby to learn from each other and master the skill. I have personal breast-feeding experience and have supported many new Mum's and their babies in the early days postnatally.

Prefer to bottle-feed? I can provide up to-date information on safe feeding of infant formula and can provide you with practical support (i.e washing bottles, sterilising etc) that can really make a difference in the early days.

Emotional Support

Emotional support means something different to everyone. It can mean someone to talk to without fearing judgement; a shoulder to cry on, or sometimes just a touch or a look at the right moment that says 'I understand'. Whatever it means to you, I will do my best to provide it when it matters most.

Food shopping and food preparation

Whilst I can't promise haute cuisine, I know my way around the kitchen. I can do your food shopping, prep meals ready for you cook, or cook them for you.

baby sucking a finger

Extra Pair of Hands

Whether you're craving a extended shower on your own; an uninterrupted nap; need someone to help getting older children ready for school, or bed; or maybe someone to come along with you on a first shopping trip out of the house with your new baby...sometimes an extra pair of hands can make all the difference.

Information & Signposting

Lactation consultant, breastfeeding support groups, baby massage, weight clinics, tounge-tie consultants. Whatever it is you need, if I don't know who to put you in touch with straight away, I can find out quickly. I benefit from having the support of a rich network of local trusted colleagues who are only ever a call or message away.

Personalised support

It is important to me that the support you receive from me is meaningful to you and specific to your needs. If there is something you would like that is not covered above and you're not sure if it's part of my services, please ask.

Light Domestic Duties

No deep cleans, and I won't go anywhere near your Ming vases, but I am very happy to do light house-work and tidying to get everything shipshape and sparkling again while you concentrate on the far more important job of caring for your and your baby.

"Kat gave me the time and space to talk about how I felt, reassuring me throughout; a non-intrusive doula who helped with even the most basic of things. Kat is outgoing, empathic, kind and caring. Nothing was too much trouble and her presence made me feel reassured. She is easy to get along with, approachable and able to advocate when needed." RH


£15 ph - minimum of 20 hours, booked in blocks of 2 hours or more (includes mileage within the areas listed here)