I provide birth, postnatal, and bereavement doula services.

Birth Doula

As your Birth Doula I accompany you (and your partner if you have one), as you prepare for birth, and support you during labour, birth and immediate postnatal period. Support can be emotional, practical or informational in nature and it is offered unconditionally, without judgement. I am led by you at all times and I will not make assumptions about what you may or may not need.


I can be a continuous friendly face for you and your partner; make suggestions for planning and preparing for your birth and 4th trimester (postnatal period), and for building rapport with your midwives and other clinical staff. If the need arises I can accompany you to hospital appointments, and help you communicate with your midwife to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions during your pregnancy, labour, and after birth.


You can call me as soon as you think you might be in labour, no matter the time of day or night. I am able to come out to see you at home in early labour, and I am able to make suggestions for labour progress, help with relaxation, positioning and other comfort measures. I can help safeguard your bonding period and I am available to you for up to six weeks after your baby is born.


I do not come between you and your partner but rather support both of you. During labour my aim is to 'hold your space' so unless you request my physical support, my role is to 'be', not necessarily 'do'.

If I already have a birth booked close to your EDD I can offer 'shared care' with another experienced doula (see FAQ for more details)

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Postnatal Doula

During the postnatal period I provide practical and emotional support tailored to your specific needs, to facilitate a positive and empowering transition into your new family situation. I can also signpost you to external agencies if required to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about you and your baby's care and well-being.

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Bereavement Doula

Individualised support for you and family when experiencing the devastation of baby loss at any time in your pregnancy, for any reason. This support can be emotional, practical and informational. I can accompany you to doctor and hospital appointments, help you prepare for birth, support you throughout labour, birth, and beyond.

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