"Amazing birth experience with Kat. Been with me since 19 weeks pregnant. Adapted and supported amazingly well during Covid-19. Provided informative and empowering support and service. There's never any stupid questions with her. Will be booking again if we decide to have another baby.

Lgbt+ friendly, poly friendly and disablity friendly."  Lexie Hackett

"Against the wider background of a global pandemic, Kat helped us to navigate the uncertainties of pregnancy and childbirth. The perspective she offered was unique, a calm voice alongside the advice we were getting from medical professionals and from our friends and family. She was a vital element of the support package we put together for ourselves. As we got closer to delivery day and labour, Kat's counsel was really valuable. We always felt that Kat did everything in her power to support us. We never felt judged for the decisions that we made. Kat is very kind and really listens which meant that both of us felt a strong rapport with her from very early on. This helped us to develop the level of trust needed for the process to flourish. She took care to build a relationship with both of us and, at different times, both of us really benefited from that. We would definitely use Kat again, no question." Tom

"Kat was really friendly and incredibly easy to warm to quickly, it felt like she always wanted the best for us and went out of her way to understand what the 'best' for us would be. We were impressed with Kat's knowledge; every question that we had was answered fully on the spot of followed up with detailed information via email. She also offered suggestions that we would never have thought to ask throughout the process. Kat was a perfect model of what a Doula should aim to be and I couldn’t think of anything she could have done better. We both really appreciated everything that she did for us." FE

"Kat has an outgoing personality and is an excellent doula because she put you right at ease. She is very easy to talk to and reassuring. I found her to be very knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth, even my specific complications. She understood my situation completely and I trusted her 100%" RMW

"It made a huge difference having Kat to support me during my son's birth and in the months leading up to it. She was always a calm voice of reassurance and made sure my needs were considered, which was especially valuable when complications led to my admission to hospital and an emergency induction. With her help I was still able to use the Hypno-birthing techniques we'd practised and managed a 10 hour labour with no pain relief. This just wouldn't have been possible without her support and guidance. If you're thinking of hiring a Doula, I would highly recommend her!" JS

"Thank you for all your support over the last few months. To have someone there in the background who we felt really had our backs was worth so much to us. We really appreciated your knowledge, calmness and kindness, listening to us and we just felt you were truly reliable" CL

"Kat breathed with me through the whole labour, made me laugh and helped me to stay calm, reminded me about my strength. She reassured me about my choices, helped with transferring from home to hospital for stitching, and stayed with me as long as I needed it. If you had a connection with Kat straight away do not over think it, she is an amazing doula as well as a person and will make everything easier. You can talk with her about all your worries, have a laugh or just let her comfort you when feeling down." Daria Miotik

"I have no doubt that the outcome was far better with Kat, in terms of both pain relief and mode of delivery that it would have been without. A friend or relative could not have provided such knowledgeable support.I chose Kat as I trusted her and felt comfortable to talk to her openly about my concerns [...] I felt confident in her ability to advocate for me" LC

"Thank you so much for all the support you have given to us. You have been amazing and we could not have done it without you" NH

"Kind, caring, empathic, loving person who genuinely cares. When she talks about pregnancy/labour, her compassion for supporting the woman/family is very clear. She was a fountain of knowledge & up-to-date with research. If she didn't have the answer she found it. She was a strong enough character to support me & also I felt confident she would share my wishes with others when needed. Kat gave me the time and space to talk about how I felt, reassuring me throughout; a non-intrusive doula who helped with even the most basic of things. Kat is outgoing, empathic, kind and caring. Nothing was too much trouble and her presence made me feel reassured. She is easy to get along with, approachable and able to advocate when needed" RH

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