Useful Links

Below you will find links to websites and organisations that you may find helpful. Whether you need to find additional practical or emotional support, or up-to-date information to assist in informed decision making, these are my go-to sites.

AIMS (The Association for Improvements in Maternity Services
Evidence Based Birth
Birth Rights
NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

Evidently Cochrane (Cochrane UK Blog)

The Cochrane Evidence Library
Doula UK
Nurturing Birth
Birmingham South Positive Birth Group
Positive Birth Movement
Tell Me A Good Birth Story
Sara Wickham (midwife-teacher-author-researcher)
Dr Rachel Reed (midwife-senior lecturer-writer-presenter-birth nerd)
The Queer Birth Club
Home Birth Reference Site
Baby Wearing UK
SANDS (Still Birth and Neonatal Death Charity)
Miscarriage Association

First Steps Nutrition Trust

Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative

Smiling pregnant woman drinking from amug